Monday, February 8, 2021

Weather Discussion for Monday Feb. 8, 2021

 Normal high/ low temperatures for Feb 8 -Feb 16  (high/low) Redding 60/40, Chico 61/38, Quincy 51/26, Chester 45/23, Susanville 47/24, Grass Valley 56/34, Weaverville 55/30, Mt. Shasta 48/29, Yreka 51/27, Alturas 46/21

This blog will be issued every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning and updated if the weather is changing or critical or interesting weather events are occurring. 

The high pressure ridge is still off the coast.  However, over the next several days the jetstream will begin to split with the southern branch breaking through the ridge and across Northern California.  The map below shows this pattern.  As the southern branch of the jetstream develops low pressure troughs and frontal systems will ride along it and into the north state.   These systems will start off weak but become a little stronger as the southern branch of the jetstream strengthens.  

Clouds will begin to increase today and then Tuesday the first very weak system will move across our area.  Look for mostly cloudy and cooler Tuesday with the chance of isolated light showers over the mountains.  Wednesday will be partly sunny and then the next system, which will be a little stronger, will move into our area Thursday.  This storm will bring light rain to Northern California with the snow level 5000 feet north and 6000 feet south.  

Partly cloudy Friday with scattered showers mainly over the foothills and mountains and then the next storm will bring precipitation tot he area Saturday and early Sunday.

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  1. Is this a spring pattern yet. It seems that the High that has been hanging around all winter seems to weaken these storms and we just don't get much rain from them. Thoughts? Thank you for your contribution here. You are such a mainstay in many folks weather interest.


    Living in Roseville I can not imagine that we are too much over the Sacramento total of rain. These are low numbers. Best case would be around 11 inches unless we have that old March Miracle from sometime back. I have lived here for 41 years and High pressures have always been an issue in the dry years but it seems that they last a lot longer. Thoughts maybe 4 above average precipitation every 10 in the 21 Century ? Thank you again

  3. Yes the high seems to push northward and deflect storms to the north. Latest model runs indicate this may happen again. If you are interested here is the Sacramento rainfall month by month since 1941

    Glad you enjoy the blog...