Thursday, September 10, 2020

Weather Discussion for Wednesday Sept. 10, 2020


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High pressure still over the west but weaker.   Today through Friday Northern California will be smoky, except the northeast corner of the state will stay sunny.  Temperatures in the smoky areas will be below normal and a few degrees above normal in the clear areas.  Winds will be light nights and mornings and light south to southwest in the afternoon. Not much change Saturday and Sunday except stronger afternoon south to southwest winds.  

Next week we see a change in the weather.  Early next week a closed low pressure area will be off the coast.  The 2 major models European and GFS (U.S. model) handle this low differently.  The GFS model which I show below holds the low along the coast and moves it inland, across Northern California, Wednesday and Thursday with light rain or showers north of a line from Clear Lake to Quincy.  The European moves it northeastward into the Pacific Northwest Thursday and Friday with the southern end bringing light showers to the coast range and areas north of Redding. 

Since we have such a dry airmass over the north state I feel we will be closer to the European.  A few clouds early next week and then showers along the coast range and north of Redding late Wednesday and Thursday.... 

The Old Forecaster

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  1. Hello Old Forecaster:
    It has been a long time. I recall sitting under an exceptionally heavy pall of smoke in Seaid for about 10 days during the 1987 Siege. We had a forecast for a low and a hope for precipitation. The low certainly lifted the smoke out but no precip followed. I remember two such events. I hope that this time we truly get the precip we so desperately need..Jay..

  2. Might see a little light rain on western KNF but eastern half will be dry. Wind will increase Sunday through wed.