Saturday, August 15, 2020

Weather Discussion for Saturday Aug. 15, 2020

Normal high/ low temperatures for Aug 10-Aug 17  (high/low) Redding 98/64, Chico 96/58, Quincy 89/43, Chester 85/44, Susanville 88/49, Grass Valley 88/55, Weaverville 94/47, Mt. Shasta 86/49, Yreka 91/52, Alturas 88/41

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Well we are stuck in a very hot weather pattern.  The satellite picture below and forecast map show the strong high pressure ridge will continue over the western U.S.  This means for the next week we will see daytime temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above normal. Sunday and Monday we may see a few clouds as subtropical moisture gets pulled northward.  This moisture will allow thunderstorms to form over the foothills and mountains.  Winds will be mostly light increasing from the south and southwest in the afternoon.  

Longer range forecast models are still dry but do show some cooling after the 25th. 

The Old Forecaster

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  1. Reporting from the North Bay (NE Santa Rosa), last night’s thunderstorm (04:00-08:00) was the most powerful that I’ve experienced in the 15 years I’ve lived here. We are currently under red flag, but even received significant precipitation as well. How often does a ridge pattern like this draw moisture in this manner? What made this mechanism unpredictable? Thanks, I enjoy your work.

  2. The southerly flow around the westside of the high pressure area pulls the moisture northward. It is hard for the meteorologist and the models to assess the depth of the moisture and the stability. this link
    shows the latest water vapor pic and you can see the moisture coming north. The comma looking thing will bring thunderstorms tonight and Monday. The last time we had something like this was in about 2008.