Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Weather Discussion for Wednesday April 22, 2020

Normal high/ low temperatures for April 20-April 27 (high/low) Redding 75/48, Chico 75/45, Quincy 66/34, Chester 60/30, Susanville 63/35, Grass Valley 64/41, Weaverville 69/36, Mt. Shasta 62/35, Yreka 66/36,  Alturas 61/30
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This morning's satellite picture (below) showa a low pressure area and frontal system moving into the Pacific Northwest with the southern end brushing Northern California.  Today the areas from Redding northward will be partly cloudy to cloudy with a few light showers on the north coast and near the Oregon border.  The areas south of Redding will be partly to mostly sunny.  Temperatures will be near normal.  Light to moderate southwest to northwest winds will occur this afternoon.

Thursday through at least the mid part of next week we will be under a weather pattern like the one shown on the map below.  High pressure will be along and over the California coast.  However a fairly strong jetstream will run across the Pacific and enter the west coast just to our north.   This means the north state will be see some clouds as fronts ride by to our north, but mostly sunny otherwise.  The cloudy days look like Saturday and again next Tuesday.  Temperatures will be a few degree above normal and winds will be light.  

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  1. On Monday the temperatures forecastsed for next week were 12..,15 degree above normal, this morning that has been changed to a few degree above normal . What is the factor tha has determined such change in a few days ? Thanks

  2. The high pressure ridge will not be able to push as far northward due to the stronger jetstream running across the Pacific and into the Pacific Northwest

  3. Thanks. What exactly means stronger jet stream ? Higher speed? Colder? And what could have made the jet steam stronger within a few days.
    Thanks for your patience and ability to always explain things on a comprehensible manners. It is really appreciated

  4. Stronger means higher wind speeds. Caused probably by colder air sinking southward from Alaska.