Monday, February 11, 2019

Weather Discussion for Monday February 11, 2019

Normal high/ low temperatures for Feb 11-Feb 18  (high/low) Redding 59/40, Chico 61/38, Quincy 52/26, Chester 46/24, Susanville 47/24, Grass Valley 56/35, Weaverville 55/30, Mt. Shasta 48/26, Yreka 51/28, Alturas 46/21

This blog will be issued every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning and updated if the weather is changing or critical or interesting weather events are occurring.

Well this is quite a complex weather pattern we will deal with over the next 4 days.   This morning''s satellite picture (below) shows another cold low pressure area dropping southeastward toward Northern California.  It also shows a large area of sub tropical moisture north of Hawaii moving northeastward which is forecast to merge with the cold low over Northern and Central California.  We also have quite a bit of cold air trapped in the valleys from Redding northward.  Where these 2 air masses merge there will be a well defined boundary with heavy precipitation along it.  Snow levels will be low north of this boundary and higher south.

Today we will see partly cloudy to cloudy skies with a few light showers along the coast range and from Redding northward.  Snow levels will be near 1000 feet due to trapped cold air.

Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday the storm system will move over Northern California.  Moderate to locally heavy precipitation will occur over the area.  Snow levels from Redding northward will be 2000 to 2500 feet locally 500 to 1000 fee in the canyons from Redding northward.  Snow levels south will be 3000 to  4000 feet.  The rain will turn to showers late Thursday and end Thursday night..  Snow levels Wednesday night and Thursday will be around 4000 feet north 6000 feet to the south.  A shift in this pattern as it develops could mean major changes.

Late Friday another low pressure trough will be dropping along coast.  This should keep the weekend showery with snow levels 3000 to 4000 feet (see map below).

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  1. This could be a big rain maker? Flooding possibilities? How much rain have you had in Redding so far this year? Thank you for all your great work. Is this a very good rain year?

  2. Since Oct 1 we have had almost 22 inches normal almost 21 inches. This could produce a lot of rain. Flooding potential would be late Wed and Thurs, when snow level rise.

  3. Thanks for all your work. Did your power go out in Redding?

  4. Sorry about no blog. My internet phone and tv are still out. Charter has no idea how slow long

  5. Really appreciate your blog here in El Dorado County. Didn't see it yesterday. Glad all is well. Thank you.

  6. Glad to hear you are OK Old Forecaster...was starting to worry about you! :)